Learn about processes and systems for your business
Processes and Systems are necessary for your business

5 Reasons You Need Processes and Systems In Your Business

Tammy Durden, Business Coach
4 min readFeb 28, 2024


The Essential Backbone Of Your Company

Processes and systems are essential to all businesses. These should help you run your company seamlessly. Today I will discuss 5 reasons processes and systems are needed in your business.

Defining Processes and Systems

You know how I like to clarify terms and this one is no different. So, let’s look at my definition of processes and systems.

PROCESSES = Step-by-Step Instructions of each task that is completed to perform your work daily.

SYSTEMS = The program or tech used to help you perform the tasks in your processes.”

-Tammy Durden

How Processes and Systems Saved My Business

Without processes and systems in place, you could end up losing your business entirely. I know that is a strong statement, however, from personal experience how important processes and systems are for your business.

Let me explain. A few years back I had to be admitted to the hospital. Now, if you know me, you know that I have MS, Lupus, and a few other autoimmune diseases. So, being admitted was not necessarily abnormal for me. This one, however, would prove…



Tammy Durden, Business Coach

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