Online Service Agency Pros and Cons

Tammy Durden, Business Coach
3 min readNov 30, 2023

(Part 4 of 5 in Series About Building An Online Service Agency)

As we discuss building your online service agency, I think it is important to discuss practical pieces to this as well. Therefore, today I want to tell you the online service agency’s pros and cons.

As you can imagine there are many advantages and disadvantages to building and owning an online service agency. No matter what type of agency it is. It could be digital marketing, virtual assistant, graphic design, or another online agency. All have their pros and cons.


There are many advantages or pros to building and owning your online service agency. I am sure if you are reading this article then you are considering building an online agency. So, let me share a few pros for you here:

  1. Ability to take on more clients.
  2. Increased company revenue.
  3. Free up time to work more ON your business.
  4. Able to offer more types of services.
  5. Less hands-on with clients (or less time working directly on client work).
  6. Give you more ‘free’ time for personal or family, etc.
  7. Builds your confidence in your own business.
  8. Can enable you to become a leader in the industry.
  9. Gives you a more flexible schedule.

No online agency is perfect but it does have its perks. And if you want to build one then you should count the good and the bad so you are prepared for both.

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Now we must consider the disadvantages or cons of owning an online agency. As we consider the flip side of owning an agency there are multiple cons to consider before going full steam ahead. Hopefully, they will not be deal breakers for you but they should be considered just the same.

Here are some of the cons:

  1. You have to manage a team and all that comes with it.
  2. If a team member cannot perform their work duties (due to illness, vacation, etc.) it always falls on you.
  3. Increased overhead cost.
  4. More people mean the possibility of disagreements (between you and a team member or a client and a team member).
  5. Competition in the market has become saturated, especially since 2020.

“The amount of competition is ferocious.

It doesn’t help either that there are a bunch of fake gurus preaching about it all over the web.

It just makes more people come into it with false expectations, saturate the market, then leave disappointed.”

-Mohamad Alasadi

A Final Word

Yes, there is a downside to building and owning an online service agency, but there are also plenty of great advantages (pros) to it as well. One of the keys is to be persistent in moving it forward.

You may end up experiencing all of the advantages and disadvantages here, but I bet you will also experience many of your own joys and woos. You will learn regardless and the experience will help you with your business moving forward.

As someone who has built and owned an online agency, I know the good, bad, and ugly experiences of it. Yet, I would choose it again and again. I enjoy helping other business owners and promoting them as well as coming up with out-of-the-box ways to help them reach their audience.

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